• Save €€€€ by Insulating your Attic the right way

    Save €€€€ by Insulating your Attic the right way


    There are many ways to insulate your attic form fiberglass to rigid board, and with walkways installed to access watertanks or storage. Exrernal walls inside the house are also recomended to be insulated to improve the energy rating and preformace of your house.

    The products are suitable for both new build and refurbishment within both domestic and non-domestic buildings. There is vast product range from many manufactures including kingspan , xtratherm ect ..and supplied in the below materials   :

    • Optimum  rigid insulation
    • Premium rigid insulation
    • High performance rigid urethane insulation
    • Rigid extruded polystyrene insulation
    • Insulated dry-lining
    • Tapered roofing systems
    • Cavity closer
    • Breathable membranes



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